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X-Blade: space shooter is a 2D space combat game, flat design with parallax effects.

You fly the X-Blade and have to cross enemy lines to destroy the opposing base.

X-Blade defines a new style of arcade game and shoot’em up. It is free to start, with in-app purchases available. No internet connectivity is required to play.


 Go through the 50 levels of the game.

 Face many enemies: guns, tanks, starships, rockets, homing missiles, pixel invaders, spiders…

 Discover many unknown worlds: Ice planet, Volcanoes, Islands, and more.

 Share you score with your friends, and be the best in the ranking!

 Get rewards for your loyalty.

 Take advantage of the shop to acquire additional lives, shields or gain in invincibility


The players are the ones who best describe the game… Testimonials from Google play reviews:

This is about the most chill and visually appealing thing I can imagine that includes explosions happening all over the place.

Smooth and fun gameplay, simple graphics with bright colors, energizing music, continuous explosions… All this is emotion! A game that always keeps you focused so as not to fail.

Cool sound, awesome graphics, amazing gameplay, all set in a beautiful, dreamy world. I love it! 

You shoot the stuff, it blows up and then you win! The game is polished, the graphics is crisp and I really like the ability to drop bombs! 

Amazing dynamics, super fluid and fun! loved it!


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I’m dreamyRobot, a solo and indie game developper.

One night, after a chat between friends, I wondered if I could make a video game. I knew how to program, and I decided to develop a first game with Unity3D. That chat was the origin of X-Blade, the project I’m currently working on. 

code, design, music and sound FX